What is your returns policy?

Please use the DHL return label provided with your order.
Kindly call or visit the DHL website to book in the collection for your return, using the Waybill Number on your label.
Step 1
Step 2  

For the “Do you need to create a shipping label?” question, click on “No, I already have a shipping label attached to my package

Click on “I have a DHL Waybill number” and then enter your Waybill number (this can be found under the first barcode on your DHL label) and your telephone number to book in your return.

Follow the rest of the online instructions.

Alternatively please call DHL on 0044 844 248 0844 and use your Waybill number to book in a collection. Please retain a copy of the proof of postage.


If you wish to use alternative means then please send your item to the below address and send tracking information to


What areas do TOSHI cover?

TOSHI is currently covering London zones 1-3.

What if I have questions about my order?

For any order related matters, please email CLIENTSERVICE@TOSHI.CO or contact us via our live chat on WWW.TOSHI.CO . We are available Mon - Sat, 10am - 6pm.

What is Pay at Door?

Pay at Door is the ability to purchase the items you like. This applies to Try Before You Buy orders, Pinning & Fitting and Inspire Me services. Your TOSHI Stylist will take payment at your location. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro, Visa Electron or Vpay logo but not Discover, JCB, Union Pay or cash. We will return any unwanted items back to the brand.

How do I change the time and location after my order has been confirmed?

Simply click on the ‘Manage’ link through your TOSHI Order Confirmation email or TOSHI text message.
Please note: Changes must be made before your TOSHI Stylist is en route.

How do I book a return?

If your order is eligible for a return, simply click on the ‘Order Status’ link on your TOSHI Successful Delivery email.

What is the Wait and Try service?

Your TOSHI stylist will wait while you decide. We will then return any unwanted items immediately.
Please note: This service is only applicable for On-Demand By Hand orders.

What is the Size Up/Size Down service?

Select the Size Up/Size Down option if you would like additional sizes brought to you.The TOSHI Stylist will be able to wait and advise whilst you decide which size fits the best.
Please note: This service is conditional upon size availability.

What is the Fitting & Pinning service?

Select Fitting & Pinning as an option if you would like the TOSHI Stylist to advise which adjustments are possible. We cover hemming, spaghetti straps and cuffs without detailing. We will take the product for a professional alteration. Once the item is ready, we will get in touch to arrange the delivery.
Please note: Turn around times depend on the complexity of the alteration(s).

What is the Inspire Me service?

Want to complete the look or see more?
Select Inspire Me as an option to either request additional items that you would like to try or let the brand inspire you!
Please note: We will take payment only for what you keep (see above, Pay at Door).

What if my order is a gift?

Please let us know by emailing us at CLIENTSERVICE@TOSHI.CO to ensure the most memorable experience.

How long does it take to get my refund?

For any payment through the brand’s website, please refer to the brand’s return policy.
For any payment through ‘Pay at Door’ (see above) it will take up to 2 business days.